Proposal – People to People Initiative

Date: August 20, 2018

Proposal: INANE People to People Initiative (Download PDF)

INANE is an international collaborative – a collective of nursing editors and publishers focused on meeting the practice, research, policy and education needs of the nursing profession. Our primary mission is to promote best practices in publishing and high standards in the nursing literature. We have a strong tradition of alternating the location of our annual meetings between sites in North America and other countries worldwide, with the intention of bringing participants into our discussions from all corners of the globe.  However, in taking a close look at the reality of achieving a truly international scope in our work, it is clear that simply meeting in international locations has not produced the level of international cooperation and exchange that might be possible. In particular:

  • Even when we meet in countries other than the U.S. or Canada, most of the attendees are from these two dominant countries, and our conferences are conducted exclusively in English, regardless of location, limiting local collaboration even when we are present in that country.
  • The attendance when we meet internationally has grown stronger in recent years, but with the exception of the 2016 London conference, attendance is significantly lower than when we meet in the U.S. or Canada.
  • We are no longer limited to physical travel to achieve global interaction and collaboration, but we also know that being physically present has great value in establishing meaningful collaboration.
  • The disappointment in not being able to follow through with the planned meeting site in Iceland for 2019 prompted further reflection on this challenge.
  • The very productive and potentially sustainable experience that INANE members have had in visiting Cuba provides a basis for establishing a collaborative relationship with nurses who are involved in publishing in publishing in other countries.

Therefore, perhaps we might consider the establishment of a “people to people” initiative modeled after the Cuba experience. We are not proposing this as an alternative to international locations for our conferences, but rather as a more focused effort to achieve international collaboration consistent with our mission of promoting best practices and high standards in the nursing literature – including the potential for a global perspective in existing U.S. produced literature. Establishing and conducting an INANE “people to people” program could result in bringing an INANE conference to a different country, but the “people to people” program alone has the potential to have wide-reaching outcomes that would benefit all INANE members, and INANE as a whole. Countries we might consider include Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, South Africa, and others where we know there are nurses who are publishing and writing, and where nursing literature is already being produced.

The model involves:

  • Identify a small group of INANE members who are willing and able to take the lead in establishing a program with colleagues in a selected country.
  • Identify individuals and groups in the selected country who can facilitate local arrangements, and participate in mutually developing the purposes for the program, the kinds of meetings and discussions that would be beneficial for all parties involved, identify key groups and individuals who might participate in the program.
  • Develop a plan for a visit to the identified country by a group of INANE members.  The visits would be approximately one week in length, and each participant would be responsible for all expenses involved.

The leadership group would be responsible for:

  • Communication and collaborative planning of the details of the visit; the details would not be “imposed” by the INANE planners, but rather would fully integrate the priorities and preferences of the host country.
  • Planning all pragmatic details, such as travel dates, travel arrangement options, hotel accomodations, ground transportation requirements during the visite, translation services, and hospitality arrangements (including gratuities and gifts for the hosts).
  • Organizing a report, possibly a presentation, of the visit for INANE.  

Submitted by Peggy Chinn and Leslie Nicoll , August 20, 2018