Workgroups are formed when there is an initiative that INANE members wish to pursue in the interest of furthering the mission of INANE. Below is a description of our current workgroups and a record of those who have volunteered for these groups.  See our “Workgroup History” page for a historical record of others who have volunteered for workgroups in the past.

Annual Awards

The selection committee for the Margaret Comerford Freda Leadership Award is forming now.  This group will review nominations for the award and their selection will be announced at the 2014 conference. If you are interested in participating on this workgroup, please send a note through the contact page. Applications for the award will open in early 2014; information will be posted here.

Internet Resources Workgroup

The Internet Resources Workgroup is currently being re-organized due to the shifting work requirements of our new web site.  Leslie Nicoll and Peggy Chinn have assumed the lead in developing the new web site and mechanisms for coordination between all of our internet resources.  The specific areas for this workgroup in 2014 are listed below, those who are assuming responsibility for these areas will be listed as they volunteer:

Website management

This team assumes responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the content on the web site, re-design and improvements as needed, and management of the results of the forms that are available on the site  2014 team: Leslie Nicoll (leader), Peggy Chinn, (others to be determined)


This team identifies current topics related to the publishing of nursing knowledge, and plans regular posts on these topics.  The team also posts news items about INANE events and projects, information about new issues and resources, and general information of interest to nurses in leadership positions. When you volunteer for this team, you will become an author and will participate in publishing posts on the blog. Leslie Nicoll started the blog in 2009 and continues to serve as the lead contact.

Yahoo Email List

The volunteers who manage the Yahoo email list work with those who manage the responses to our contact form to assure that people who request to be on the list are added to the list.

Facebook and Twitter

Volunteers who work with our Facebook page and our Twitter feed help to keep these resources active and interesting!  We have created albums on Facebook to archive photos from our past conferences; these photographs need to be reviewed and labeled to identify the people and places. Vallire Hooper is going to be working on this after the first of the year (2014) but welcomes other volunteers to assist with this task–please contact us through the contact page if you would like to be involved.