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INANE “happens” because folks who are involved step up to volunteer!  In INANE’s early years, the focus was on the annual conference which provided an opportunity for Editors and others involved in publishing nursing literature could share ideas and learn about the latest issues in publishing.  Our past conferences page provides a historical record of the many people who have made our conferences possible.  Below is a brief history of workgroups that were formed prior to 2014, and acknowledgement of the people who have been involved in this work.  Below is an overview of the early workgroups; details are given on pages shown on the sub-menu for this page.

Website history

When the  internet, email and the world wide web evolved, the possibilities for networking multiplied immensely!  Our first web site and email list was developed by Judith Lewis, and hosted at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Later, Shirley Smoyak assumed responsibility for both the web site and the email list, hosting both at Rutgers University.  In 2009, a group of volunteers presented a proposal to move both the web site and the Yahoo list to independent hosting services that INANE volunteers could directly manage, and the Internet Resources Workgroup was formed!

Our first logo for the new independent web site was designed by Roey Kirk, FACHE, a inane logo2friend and colleague of Suzanne Smith.   Below is a summary of those who have volunteered for the Internet Services workgroup since 2009.

The founding members of the group, who served through 2012, were Peggy Chinn, Suzanne Smith, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, Vallire Hooper, Judith Lewis, Leslie Nicoll, Linda Thede, Mona Shattell, Jan Fulton, Margaret Freda and Wendy Budin.


Peggy Chinn (coordinator) , Suzanne Smith, Jaynelle Stichler, Linda Thede, Leslie Nicoll, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Vallire Hooper, Mona Shattell, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, Wendy Budin.

Email Yahoo group: Suzanne Smith and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, Leslie Nicoll

Web site: Peggy Chinn and Linda Thede (managers) and Wendy Budin, (who’s who lists)

Blog: Leslie Nicoll (administrator), Peggy Chinn and Mona Shattell (contributors)

Annual Awards

This group was established in 2012 by Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy, along with Peggy Chinn, Mickey Dougherty, Jan Fulton, Leslie Nicoll and Kathy Schoonover-Schoffner.  The workgroup is re-formed each year at the annual meeting. (See Awards page for details on current and past awards)

2013 Workgroup: Suzanne Smith (chair), Margaret Comerford Freda, Renee Wilmeth, Kathy Baker, Shawn Kennedy, Stephen O’Connor

2012-2013 Podcast Project

Leader: Lucy Bradley-Springer. Lucy produced monthly podcasts that are available on the Podcast Page on the INANE Web site. These short interviews with INANE members speak on a wide variety of topics related to nursing, editing, publishing, and INANE business.

2012 – 2013 White Paper Project

Leslie Nicoll (leader), Peggy Chinn, and Francie Likis. Our plan was to develop papers on issues related to publishing that can serve to provide clarification and insight. The papers were to be be circulated among INANE participants for comment, with the goal of making the papers available as a service to authors, reviewers and editors involved in publishing in nursing. This project may still evolve but right now, Leslie is busy with planning the INANE 2014 conference and hasn’t had time to focus on this project!

2012-2013 – International Connections

Formed at the 2012 conference in Montreal. The purpose of this initiative is to increase international participation in INANE. Volunteer members of this initiative are: Vallire Hooper (leader) Janet S. Fulton, Karen Sue Hoyt, Donna Nickitas.

2011-2012 Future of Nursing Project

At our 2011 conference in San Francisco Susan Hassmiller gave a presentation on the “Future of Nursing” Campaign.  Inspired by the goals of the campaign, a group of Editors volunteered to spearhead a coordinated initiative aimed at furthering the recommendations of the campaign.  Their work resulted in a comprehensive list of Editorial content in nursing journals that highlighted the campaign and pointed readers to ways they could become involved in reaching the goals of the campaign.

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