INANE Involvement

INANE is unique in that without an official organization, headquarters, executive director, or bylaws, we have managed to thrive for more than 30 years. INANE activities include the annual conference, this website, our blog, Facebook page, and mailing list. INANE members have taken on leadership activities to conduct research about nursing editors, interview leaders past and present, and be a driving force behind the initiative to have more nursing journals indexed by Thomson Reuters (the list that calculates impact factors for indexed journals).

If you are an editor or otherwise involved in the dissemination of nursing knowledge through the published literature (which includes online publications), then we invite you to become a part of INANE. There are no formal membership criteria but there are many ways to be involved, which include:

  1. Attendance at the annual INANE conference. Each year we have a dedicated website for our conference; you can link to that website from the sidebar!
  2. Sign up for our email list which is hosted by Google Groups. To sign up, send a message though our contact page. Be sure to include details of how you are involved in the dissemination of nursing knowledge.
  3. “Like” INANE on Facebook.
  4. Follow our blog. (Click follow in the right column.)
  5. Volunteer for a workgroup – send us your preference using our contact page.
  6. Volunteer to take on a leadership role for a project. All ideas are welcome, and there is no formal “approval” process.  If you see something that could be done to enhance our mission, let us know in person at a conference, or by announcing your new project using our contact page.

Items 1, 2, 3, and 4 are easy. 5 and 6 might take a little more familiarity with the group, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to become involved. That is what makes our group strong and unique!