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At the INANE Annual Meeting in August, 2015, Kathleen Ahern Gould, Editor-in-Chief of Dimensions in Critical Care Nursing, presented information about The Conversation Project at the Annual Business meeting. Kathleen noted that as editors, we have a powerful platform to disseminate information through editorials and opinion pieces in our journals. She pointed to the success of the Future of Nursing Initiative (2012) and Predatory Journals and Publishers Project (2014) and suggested that we could do the same thing with conversations about end-of-life care and wishes.

This page is the starting point for this project. As editorials and other articles are published in nursing journals, we will list them here. If you have resources that should be added, please send the link to INANE through our contact page. Thank you in advance!

A Conversation for the Holidays – by Kathleen Ahern Gould
Editorial published in Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 2015, 34, 6, 313-316

Chinn, Peggy L (2016) From the Editor: From the Editor: Acknowledging Theoretical, Philosophic and Empirical Linkages. Palliative Care Issue Topic. Advances in Nursing Science, 39:4, 291. 

“Conversation Ready”: A Framework for Improving End-of-Life Care
White Paper from the Institute for Healthcare Improvment

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