Publishing Processes

General Information about the Publishing Process

73 Things Publishers Do (2013 Edition) – an overview and explanation of the role of publishers. (Blog post on the Scholarly Kitchen, October 22, 2013)


The Scholarly Kitchen – Features regular posts by a collective of “chefs” who serve up interesting and informative articles about the latest issues in publishing, scholarly standards, interviews, and events related to the publishing process.

Scholarly Open Access – Jeffrey Beall’s site that includes a list of predatory open access publishers and stand-alone journals, along with regular blog posts that provide current perspectives on the publishing process.  Jeffrey, and academic librarian for over 23 years,  is a featured speaker at our INANE 2014 conference.

Retraction Watch – Features announcements of article retractions in all disciplines, and posts about the ethics and processes of retraction. Most retractions are not in the field of nursing, but this site does report any retractions in nursing literature.

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