Mentoring Editors Awardees – 2019

We are very proud to announce the Suzanne Smith Mentoring Editors Awardees for 2019! This is the sixth year of this initiative for INANE and the Mentoring Editors Awards Committee was extremely gratified by the response to our call for applications. Funds to support these awards come from the Suzanne Smith Development Fund. Each awardee has received a complimentary registration to INANE 2019. In addition, to enhance their experience at the conference, we have paired each awardee with an editor-mentor. Thank you to the mentors for agreeing to serve in this role and congratulations to the award winners. 

List of Award Winners, 2019

Elizabeth Hood

Elizabeth Hood, Past Editor, Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing
Mentor: Peggy Chinn, Advances in Nursing Science

In her application, Liz wrote: I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to gain a mentor and learn from the expertise of my new colleagues in INANE.

Lisa Pompeii

Lisa Pompeii, Editor-in-Chief, Workplace Health & Safety
Mentor: Marion Broome, Editor, Nursing Outlook

As Lisa wrote: I have been the editor in chief of Workplace Health & Safety for twelve months, which has been my only journal editing experience beyond serving on a journal review panel. I assumed this role with little mentoring…, I have edited more than 200 journal articles, and have successfully kept the journal afloat. However, my goals for the journal (and my sanity) are to do more than keep the lights on. I attended INANE 2018 midway through my first year which provided the considerable direction, but I am in need of more! I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have a more tailored experience where I can meet with seasoned editors and learn from them.

Jasmiry Bennett

Jasmiry Bennett, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Vascular Nursing
Mentor: Kathy Baker, Editor, Gastroenterology Nursing

I am in the process of translating best practice for our diabetic patients who are undergoing leg bypass into clinical practice…I encourage our bedside nurses to engage in active research with manuscript submission. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience as an editor-in-chief. This is such an exciting moment for me to develop, learn, and grow as an editor with eventually being a mentor for others in the future.

Maithe Enriquez

Maithe Enriquez, Editor-in-Chief, Hispanic Healthcare International
Mentor: Marilyn Oermann, Editor, Nurse Educator and Nursing Care Quality

As a brand new editor, I feel that I have much to learn. I want to positively contribute to the ability of HHCI to consistently meet its aims…I have excellent support from NAHN and from Sage, the publisher of HHCI. However, I feel that mentoring from experienced nursing journal editors would be invaluable.