Open Access, Editorial Standards and Predatory Publishing

At the 2014 INANE conference in Portland, Maine, those present launched a project to widely disseminate information about quality standards of open access publishing, and inform consumers of nursing journal literature about the unethical practices of publishers who do not adhere to these standards (known as “predatory” publishers).   A team of collaborators led by Sally Thorne developed an overview “anchor” document that is published in Nurse Author & Editor.  This position statement is titled “Predatory Publishing: What Editors Need to Know.”  It is available for free for any interested person; you only need to register on the site (at no cost) to have access.

In the coming months, nursing journal editors are publishing their own editorials tailored to their journal audience. Citations for these editorials will be posted on our “List of Editorials” page as soon as possible after publication.

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