Past Conferences

INANE was founded in 1982 in New York. We have held an annual conference every year since.  Our past conferences are listed here, most recent first.  Please help us fill in any missing information!

2019: July 30-August 1, Reno, NV at the Reno Renaissance Hotel

  • Registration: 158
  • Highlights: Carolyn Dufurenna, Rancher and Poet (Gala Speaker)
  • Inauguration of E3: Extreme Education for Editors, pre-conference workshop
  • INANE Nursing Journal Hall of Fame, INANE Virtual Journal
  • Visit to see the complete program and learn more!

2018 – August 6-8, Boston, Massachusetts at the Liberty Hotel

Hosts: Leslie Nicoll and Kathy Ahern Gould. Planning Committee: Peggy Chinn, Anne Manton, Jane Flanagan, Mary Alexander, Susan Gennaro, Grif Alspach, Kate Gregory, Julie Snethen, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Chris Vourakis
  • Registration: 161 people
  • Highlights: Duck Tours, Inauguration of the Nursing Journal Hall of Fame, INANE Virtual Journal
  • Visit the website: to see the complete program and learn more about the conference

2017 – August 3-5 – Denver, Colorado: – the historic Brown Palace Hotel, Downtown Denver!

Host: Karren Kowalski with Liana Comacho, Leslie Nicoll, Elaine Miller, Julia Snethen, Edna Hull, Pat Yoer-Wise, and Peggy Chinn

  • Held at the Historic Brown Palace Hotel in Downtown Denver
  • Registration: 160
  • Highlights: Visit to the Cherokee Ranch, with Lunch
  • Opening Speaker: Dr. Colorado
  • Inaugural Year for the INANE Virtual Journal
  • Visit the conference website for the complete program:

August 1-3, 2016  Annual Conference in London!

Inane logo final design

The 35th Annual Meeting of INANE will be held in London, England on August 1-3, 2016. The conference hotel was the Cumberland while the actual conference sessions were held at the Royal College of Nursing. Visit the website at to see the program. Watch our blog for more information about this year’s conference

Planning team: Gary Bell (Host), Alison Twycross, Charon Pierson, Edna Hull, Elaine Miller, Geri Pearson, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Julia Snethen, Karren Kowalski, Leslie Nicoll, Pat Yoder-Wise, Patricia Kelly, Peggy Chinn, Rita Pickler, Sarah Davies, Shirley Smoyak, Teddie Potter


August 3-5, 2015 –  Las Vegas, Nevada!


Planning team: Carolyn Yucha, Host; Leslie Nicoll, Program Coordinator; Peggy Chinn, Website and Communications Coordinator; Gary Bell, 2016 Conference Host; Graham Scott, 2016 Conference Host; Maureen Anthony; Jillian Inouye; Elaine Miller; Charon Pierson; Denise Tyler.

2014 – August 4-6 – Portland, Maine, USA

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Host: Leslie Nicoll (CIN and Nurse Author & Editor); Planning Committee: Peggy Chinn, Margaret Comerford Freda, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Marshall, Jean Proehl, and Suzanne Smith

2013 – July 29-31 – Cork, Ireland – Hosts: Geraldine McCarthy-Haslam and Joyce Fitzpatrick (Applied Nursing Research; Nursing Education Perspectives; Archives in Psychiatric Nursing)

2012 – August 1-3 – Montreal, Ontario, Canada 

Hosts: Laurie Gottlieb with CJNR (Canadian Journal of Nursing Research) and McGill University. Committee: James Costello, Molly Dougherty, Susan Henly, Geraldine Pearson, Sally Thorne, CJNR staff Joanna Toti and Amélie Desrochers, Curly Dog Communications Inc. Staff Lisa Lipowski and Caroline Désilets

2011 – August 3-5 – San Francisco, California, USA – Host: Peggy Chinn (Advances in Nursing Science). Committee: Suzanne Smith (Nurse Educator), Lucy Bradley-Springer Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care), Mickey Dougherty (Nursing Research), Sue Henly (Nursing Research), Laurie Gottlieb (Canadian Journal of Nursing Research), Tina Marrell (Home Health Care Nurse)i, Judith Mitiguy (Gannett Healthcare Group), and Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins staff.

2010 – August 11-13 – Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – Host: Marie Gerdtz (convener), with Fiona Barron, Paul Bennett, Marc Broadbent, Michael Geraghty, Anne Manchester, Teresa O’Connor, and Ramon Shaban

2009 – July 26-28 – Chicago, IL, USA Host: Marion Broome (Nursing Outlook)

2008 – August 4-6 – Padua, Italy – Host: Joyce Fitzpatrick (Applied Nursing Research; Nursing Education Perspectives; Archives in Psychiatric Nursing)

2007 – July 30-August 1 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Host: Carolyn Yucha (Biological Research for Nursing). Committee: Suzanne Smith (chair, Nurse Educator), Anita Catlin (Advances in Neonatal Care, and Pediatric Nursing), Diane Pravikoff (CINAHL Information Systems, Online Journal of Clinical Innovation), Ellen Olshansky (Journal of Professional Nursing), Beth Ulrich (Nephrology Nursing Journal)

2006 – August 3-5 – London, England

2005 – July 28-30 – Asheville, North Carolina, USA  Host: Vallire Hooper (Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing – JOPAN)

2004 – August 5-7 – Paradise Island, Bahamas  Host: Margaret Comerford Freda (MCN The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing), with Diana J. Mason (American Journal of Nursing), Cheryl L. Mee (Elsevier), Suzanne P. Smith (JONA, Nurse Educator)

2003 – August 13-15 – Pilanesburg, South Africa – Hosts: Michael Herbst (African Journal of Nursing and Midwifery) & Liselle Viljoen (HealthSAGesondheid)

2002 – August 8-10 – San Diego, California, USA – Host: Mosby, W.B. Saunders, Churchill Livingston, Divisions of Elsevier Science

2001 – August 16-18 – London, UK – Nursing Standard, Royal College of Nursing Publishing

2000 – August 10-12 – Winter Park, Colorado, USA – Barbara Brown, (Nursing Administration Quarterly, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins) and AORN (Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses)

1999 – August 5-7 – Cairns, Queensland, Australia – Royal College of Nursing, Australia, publishers of Collegian and Centre Nursing Press, a division of Sigma Theta Tau International, publishers of Image and Reflections

1998 – August 6-8 – Chicago, Illinois, USA – Sponsored by American Association of Neuroscience Nursing

1997 – August 6 – 8 – Long Boat Key, Florida, USA –  Suzanne Smith (Nurse Educator and Journal of Nursing Administration), Belinda Puetz (Journal of Nursing Staff Development); and Carol Reed Ash (Cancer Nursing). 

1996 – August 15-18 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – Host, Charon Pierson (Nurse Practitioner Forum)

1995 – August 11-15 – London, England, UK – Host, Norah Casey, Nursing Standard

1994 – August 5-7 – Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, California, USA – Host: SCAmPE (Southern California Amalgam of Publishers and Editors) Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson, Ellen French, Ramon Lavandero, and Margo Neal

  • Conference site: Westin South Coast Plaza

1993 – August 18-20 – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Host: Pamela Brink (Western Journal of Nursing Research) and Sage

1992 – August 6-7 – Long Boat Key Florida, USA – Host: Suzanne Smith (Nurse Educator, and Journal of Nursing Administration) and Belinda Puetz (Journal of Nursing Staff Development)

1991 – August 15-16 – London, England, UK – Host: Nora C. Casey, Royal College of Nursing

1990 – August 9-10 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA – Hosts: Laurel Archer Copp, Laurice Ferris, Ruth LaMothe

1989 – Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA, USA – Host: Diana L. Nikas, Paula Siler, Laura Ybarra, Jane M. H. Brewer, Monica Cornelius

1988 – August 18-19 – Washington, DC, USA – Host: Annette Flanagin, NAACOG

1987 – August 20-21 – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA – Host Mary Larkin

1986 – August 20-21 –  London, England, UK – Hosts: Judith Serevino, Steve Weaving

1985 – August 22-23 – New York, New York, USA –  Hosts: Mary Castle, Pat Palmer, Thelma Schorr, Ellie Schrader

1984 – August 15-16 – Royal College of Nursing, London, UK – Hosts:  Alison Dunn and Sr. Rosemary Donley

1983 – August 25-26 – New York, New York, USA – Hosts: Thelma Schorr and Ellie Schrader

1982 – August 19-20 – New York, New York, USA – Hosts: Ellie Schrader (AORN Journal) and Thelma Schorr (American Journal of Nursing)

  • Conference site: St Regis-Sheraton
  • See  INANE The Early Years
  • The attendees (shown in the photo below) were:
1982 Conference Attendees
1982 Conference Attendees

Seated, L to R: Unidentified, Elinor S. Schrader (Editor AORN), Thelma M. Schorr (editor, AJN), Rozella Schlotfeld, Dean Case Western University & guest speaker), Sue Hegyvary (Associate dean and Assistant V.P., RPSLMC, Chicago & introduced symposium).Standing, L to R: unidentified, Julie Stillman (Little Brown and Co.), Patricia (Tucker) Nornhold, Peggy Chinn (Editor ANS), Leah Curtin (Editor, Supervisor Nurse), Alison Miller (C.V. Mosby Co), Richard H. Lampert (Appleton-Century-Croft), Shirley H. Fondiller (assistant to the dean for special programs and projects, RPSLMC, and Program Coordinator for the first National Journalism Symposium, April 1981)