INANE is an international collaborative – a collective of nursing editors and publishers focused on meeting the practice, research and education needs of the nursing profession. Established in 1982, the group has organized an annual conference every year since – all without a formal organizational structure. Our primary mission is to promote best practices in publishing and high standards in the nursing literature.

How INANE functions

  • We maintain a tradition of “non-organization,” meaning that there are no formal officers, no elections, no dues.
  • The group maintains a cobweb of workgroups that are identified by purpose, interest, and need.  The workgroups are open, with self-selected participants moving in and out of the workgroups as determined by interest and availability
  • Leadership in various workgroups is rotating and fluid.
  • Decisions are made by those who voluntarily assume primary responsibility for any specific task.  Group-wide decisions, such as the location of future annual conferences, occur because someone volunteers to lead the task at hand.  Major decisions are informed by an interplay between open discussions on the email list, face-to-face discussions at the annual meetings, and subsequent email list discussions.  Ultimately, final decisions are made by any person or group of people who accept responsibility for a specific task.
  • One individual each year steps forward to be the “agenda master” for the year; often this is the person who has volunteered to provide leadership for the annual conference, or her/his designee.
  • The web site, blog, and email list are managed by a volunteer “Internet Services” workgroup, members of which determine specific responsibilities for various functions of these important services (see detailed description below).
  • Any financial needs of the group are addressed by volunteer indivduals and organizations. Other than the annual conference, these needs are minimal.

Internet Resources

  • The Web site, blog, Email list, FaceBook page and Twitter feed are managed by an Internet Resources Workgroup of volunteer members.
  • The cost of the Web site domain name and hosting service is paid by volunteer donations; the web site group publishes an annual report of the costs involved and how this was funded.
  • The Yahoo Email list has no associated expense.
  • The Internet Resources Workgroup regularly invites suggestions and content contributions by members and users of the web site.
  • The primary purpose of the Web site is to serve the needs of INANE members and others who are interested in the publication, distribution and quality of nursing literature.
  • The Yahoo Email list provides the means of communication among and between all members.
  • The blog allows all members of the nursing profession to interact with editors of professional nursing journals by reading posts and sending questions via feedback. Our goal is to be transparent and open.

INANE Leadership

INANE is a volunteer-only group. The annual conference is hosted by a member who volunteers to organize the conference for a selected city in a selected year. The hosts who have volunteered for future conference are shown in the right sidebar on most pages of the web site.

The internet resources are managed by members who volunteer for the Internet Resouces Workgroup. For details about members and their responsibilities, see the “workgroup” page.


In 1980, Thelma Schorr, Editor of the American Journal of Nursing, along with Ellie Shrader, Mary Larkin, Leah Curtin and Gail Piscarik met over lunch and decided to form an organization.  They held the first symposium on Nursing Journalism at Rush University in 1981, followed the next year by the first INANE conference organized by Thelma Schorr (American Journal of Nursing) and Ellie Schrader (AORN Journal). This first meeting of the International Academy of Nursing Editors, was held in the summer of 1982 at the Park Sheraton in New York City.

The comprehensive list of our past conferences provides the names of individuals and groups who have hosted past conferences, the sites where conferences were held, and links to copies of the programs, photos and any other information we have archived.  Please help contribute to this archive!  If you have something from a past conference to share, let us know using our contact form!

1982 Conference Attendees

1982 Conference Attendees

Seated, L to R: Unidentified, Elinor S. Schrader (Editor AORN), Thelma M. Schorr (editor, AJN), Rozella Schlotfeld, Dean Case Western University & guest speaker), Sue Hegyvary (Associate dean and Assistant V.P., RPSLMC, Chicago & introduced symposium).Standing, L to R: unidentified, Julie Stillman (Little Brown and Co.), Patricia (Tucker) Nornhold, Peggy Chinn (Editor ANS), Leah Curtin (Editor, Supervisor Nurse), Alison Miller (C.V. Mosby Co), Richard H. Lampert (Appleton-Century-Croft), Shirley H. Fondiller (assistant to the dean for special programs and projects, RPSLMC, and Program Coordinator for the first National Journalism Symposium, April 1981)