Just concluded! 2016 Annual Conference in London! – August 1-3.

The 35th Annual Meeting of INANE will be held in London, England on August 1-3, 2016. The conference hotel was the Cumberland Inane logo final designwhile the actual conference sessions were held at the Royal College of Nursing. Visit the website at to see the program. Watch our blog for more information about this year’s conference

Planning team: Gary Bell (Host), Alison Twycross, Charon Pierson, Edna Hull, Elaine Miller, Geri Pearson, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Julia Snethen, Karren Kowalski, Leslie Nicoll, Pat Yoder-Wise, Patricia Kelly, Peggy Chinn, Rita Pickler, Sarah Davies, Shirley Smoyak, Teddie Potter

2017 – August 3-5 – Denver, Colorado: Host: Karren Kowalski – the historic Brown Palace Hotel, Downtown Denver!

2018 – August 6-8 – Boston, Massachusetts: Liberty Hotel, historic charm in the heart of Beacon Hill!. 

2019 – Currently exploring Iceland as our 2019 venue! Stay tuned!

2020 – Nashville, Tennessee – Host: Francie Likis

About our Annual conference

  • The INANE annual conference, held in late July or early August, provides an opportunity for members to come together from all over the world to discuss issues related to publishing in nursing.
  • At our annual conference, members volunteer to coordinate and host future conferences that are not yet scheduled.
  • We plan a conference outside of North America every third year.
  • The conferences are funded by registration revenue, with additional financial support through sponsorships provided by various publishers and other interested organizations.
  • Hosting and planning an INANE conference is fun! Sites for 2017 and beyond have not been selected. Consider volunteering to host INANE in your home town.