Journals Directory “B-C”



Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care

  • Editor-in-Chief: Edward Lin
  • Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: the essential peer-reviewed journal delivering clinical best practices and quality updates for achieving optimal bariatric surgical outcomes

Biological Research for Nursing

  • Editor: Carolyn Yucha
  • Publisher: Sage
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that helps nurse researchers, educators, and practitioners integrate information from many basic disciplines; biology, physiology, chemistry, health policy, business, engineering, education, communication and the social sciences into nursing research, theory and clinical practice.

Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care

  • Editor: Marian F. MacDorman
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: a multidisciplinary, refereed journal devoted to issues and practices in the care of childbearing women, infants, and families.

BMC Nursing

  • Editor: Tovah Honor Aronin
  • Publisher: BioMed Central
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers
    articles on all aspects of nursing research, training, education and

British Journal of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing

British Journal of Cardiac Nursing

  • Editor: Vicqui Stuart-Jones
  • Publisher: MA Healthcare
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: essential reading for all nurses involved in this demanding specialty with its leading clinical coverage and professional focus. The journal addresses all aspects of cardiovascular nursing in an intelligent, helpful and accessible way, reflecting both the richness and diversity of contemporary practice.

British Journal of Community Nursing

  • Editor: Annabel DeCoster
  • Publisher: MA Healthcare
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: Publishes articles addressing nursing management in the home of complex cases, including topics such as end-of-life care; needs of frail older people with co-morbidities; and approaches to support, manage and teach self-care for long-term conditions.

British Journal of Learning Disabilities

  • Editor-in-Chief: Bob Gates
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Association: British Institute for Learning Disabilities
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: Encompasses contemporary debate/s and developments in research, policy and practice that are relevant to the field of learning disabilities. It publishes original refereed papers, regular special issues giving comprehensive coverage to specific subject areas, and especially commissioned keynote reviews on major topics. In addition there are reviews of books and training materials, and a letters section. Whereas the British Journal of Learning Disabilities is an interdisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal it provides a medium for the publication of high quality nursing research, scholarly papers and case studies which relate to the aims and scope of the Journal. The current Editor is a nurse and welcomes international submissions from nurses of high quality nursing research, scholarly papers and case studies which relate to the aims and scope of this Journal.

British Journal of Midwifery

  • Editor: Sophie Gardner
  • Publisher: MA Healthcare
  • Author guidelines
  • Descriptoin: contains the best clinical reviews, original research and evidence-based articles available, and ensures that midwives are kept fully up-to-date with the latest developments taking place in clinical practice. In addition, each issue of the journal contains a symposium on a particular theme, providing more in-depth clinical information.

British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

  • Editor: Betsy Fitzgerald
  • Publisher: MA Healthcare
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: welcomes contributions on all aspects of contemporary neuroscience nursing practice. We publish articles from across the neuro specialties, from neurosurgery and critical care to neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, stroke and epilepsy. We would particularly like to receive clinical reviews, research papers, and comments and discussion on policy and practice. As neuroscience continues to advance, we are also keen to publish articles about the latest innovations in clinical practice. Whether you are an experienced author or a novice, your contribution is extremely valuable.

British Journal of Nursing

  • Editor: Julie Smith
  • Publisher: MA Healthcare
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: welcomes contributions on any aspect of clinical practice. The journal publishes literature reviews, care studies and original research from across the nursing specialties. With the current pace of change in nursing we are also looking for articles about the latest developments and innovations in practice. BJN is indexed on the International Nursing Index, Medline and CINAHL and is an excellent source in which to be referenced. Whether you are an experienced author or a novice, your contribution is greatly valued.

Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC) Journal

  • Editor-in-Chief: Meredith Kazer
  • Publisher: The Ohio State University Libraries in partnership with the National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities
  • Association: National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: The aim of The Building Health Academic Communities (BHAC) Journal is to publish scholarly work consistent with our mission to promote comprehensive, evidence-based practices on faculty & staff wellness, student wellness, academic medical centers, and wellness innovation. While the BHAC Journal is interdisciplinary, much of campus-based health and wellness activity is led by academic nurses in their respective institutions. The director of the BHAC consortium (Dr. Bernadette Melnyk) and Editor-in-Chief are nurses, as well eleven of our editorial advisory board members. Our first issue included two (of six) manuscripts authored by nurses and we expect the journal to be of primary interest to the nursing profession.


Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists Journal (CANNT Journal)

  • Co-editors: Jovina Bachnyski & Matthew Phillips
  • Publisher: Pappin Communications
  • Association: Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: an ambitious vehicle of information and education in the nephrology nursing and technology field. Issues regularly include continuing education articles, original research papers, relevant clinical articles, innovative quality improvement reports and narratives that describe the nursing experience, as well as practical tips, news on CANNT activities and regular columns on such topics as nephrology and the internet.

Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (formerly Dynamics: Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses)

  • Editor: Paula Price
  • Publisher and Association: Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: submissions are invited on any of the following: clinical, education, management, research and professional issues in critical care nursing. Critical care encompasses a diverse field of clinical situations which are characterised by the nursing care of patients and their families with complex, acute and life-threatening biopsychosocial risk.  While the patient’s problems are primarily physiologic in nature, the psychosocial impact of the health problem on the patient and family is of equal and sometimes lasting intensity. Articles on any aspect of critical care nursing are welcome.

Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

  • Editor-in-Chief: Maher M. El-Masri
  • Publisher: Sage
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: A quarterly refereed peer-review publication, CJNR accepts quality quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method manuscripts on a broad spectrum of topics that include, but are not limited to clinical, psychosocial, biological, educational, models of care, health services, and health systems research studies. CJNR also welcomes short research reports, systematic reviews, clinical and/or conceptual papers, current issues, editorials, and commentaries that are of special interest to nursing.

Canadian Nurse

  • Editor-in-Chief: Lisa Brazeau
  • Publisher and Association: Canadian Nurses Association
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: We are seeking submissions that present new and practical information and insights that can help nurses in their work, no matter what the setting. We publish peer-reviewed feature articles as well as shorter department pieces. We do not publish term papers or literature reviews, book reviews, poems, obituaries or manuscripts that have been previously published in print or online or that are currently being considered by another publication.

Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal / Revue Canadienne de Soins Infirmiers en Oncologie (CONJ)

  • Editor-in-Chief: Margaret Fitch
  • Publisher and Association: Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: directed to the professional nurse caring for patients with cancer. It is a peer reviewed journal and acts as a vehicle for disseminating evidence related to clinical oncology practice, technology, education and research. CONJ is a vehicle for disseminating current evidence to be used as the basis for oncology nursing practice, education and research.

Cancer Nursing

  • Editor: Pamela S. Hinds
  • Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: Cancer Nursing addresses the whole spectrum of problems arising in the care and support of cancer patients–prevention and early detection, geriatric and pediatric cancer nursing, medical and surgical oncology, ambulatory care, nutritional support, psychosocial aspects of cancer, patient responses to all treatment modalities, and specific nursing interventions. The journal offers unparalleled coverage of cancer care delivery practices worldwide, as well as groundbreaking research findings and their practical applications

Cancer Nursing Practice

  • Editor: Jennifer Sprinks
  • Publisher: RCNi
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: Cancer Nursing Practice is a peer-reviewed journal written specifically for cancer nurses. It focuses on all aspects of cancer in adults and children. The journal covers specialist topics such as cancers of the blood and breast cancer, in addition to broader issues such as palliative care and the ethics behind oncology nursing. A comprehensive news round-up ensures that readers never miss important developments while there are regular continuing professional development articles.

CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing

  • Editor-in-Chief: Leslie H. Nicoll
  • Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: a forum for communication among nurses who use computers. As a refereed journal, CIN is a vehicle for the publication of high-quality, relevant, and timely articles on a variety of topics related to the use of computers in, and application of computer technology to, contemporary nursing practice, education, research, and administration. Articles in CIN are selected to reflect the diversity of computer hardware, software, and applications which nurses use in their work to provide current and useful information to a broad audience of readers.

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing

  • Editor, Ellen Carr
  • Publisher & Association: Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: directed to the practicing nurse specializing in the care of patients with an actual or potential diagnosis of cancer. CJON is a vehicle to advance the mission of ONS, which is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care. The CJON mission is twofold: to provide practical information necessary to care for patients and their families across the cancer continuum and to develop publication skills in oncology nurses.

Clinical Lactation

Clinical Nurse Specialist: The International Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice

  • Editor: Janet S. Fulton
  • Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Association: National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Author guidelines 
  • Description: disseminates outcomes of clinical nurse specialist practice, to foster continued development of the clinical nurse specialist role, and to highlight clinical nurse specialist contributions to advancing nursing practice and health policy globally. Objectives of the journal are: 1. Disseminate knowledge about clinical nurse specialist competencies and the education and regulation of practice; 2. Communicate outcomes of clinical nurse specialist practice on quality, safety, and cost of nursing and health services across the continuum of care; 3. Promote evidence-based practice and innovation in the transformation of nursing and health policy for the betterment of the public welfare; 4. Foster intra-professional and interdisciplinary dialogue addressing nursing and health services for specialty populations in diverse care settings adn cultures.

Clinical Nursing Research an International Journal

  • Editor: Pamela Cacchione
  • Publisher: Sage
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: peer-reviewed journal published six times a
    year that addresses issues of clinical research that are meaningful to
    practicing nurses, providing an international forum to encourage discussion
    among clinical practitioners, enhance clinical practice by pinpointing
    potential clinical applications of the latest scholarly research, and
    disseminate research findings of particular interest to practicing nurses.

Clinical Simulation in Nursing

  • Editor-in-Chief: Nicole Harder
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Association: International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: The journal will review and accept articles from other health provider disciplines, if they are determined to be of interest to our readership. The journal accepts manuscripts meeting one or more of the following criteria:
    • Research articles and systematic reviews using simulation and/or standardized patients;
    • Practice articles using simulation and/or standardized patients;
    • Innovative teaching/learning strategies developed through simulation and technology;
    • Innovative implementation and management strategies for simulation within practice and academic centers; and
    • Articles updating knowledge, guidelines, regulations, and legislative policies that impact nursing and health care education and practice.

Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research

  • Editor-in-Chief: Lisa McKenna
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Assocation: Official journal of the Australian College of Nursing
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research is a refereed journal with an Editorial Board that meets high standards of academic and clinical expertise. The journal reflects the broad interests of nurses and the nursing profession. Papers are invited on contemporary clinical, professional and policy issues of interest to nurses such as:
    • Original clinical and educational research,
    • Scholarly critique of policy and nursing issues
    • Clinical case reports
    • Historical or political critique of nursing and health care issuesIn addition, Collegian: The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship and Research seeks to promote nursing through publication of reviews, nursing commentaries and letters.

Contemporary Nurse

  • Editor-in-Chief: Louise Hickman
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Publisher Contact: Natalie Davall
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: Contemporary Nurse is an international peer-reviewed journal designed to increase nursing skills, knowledge and communication, assist in professional development and to enhance educational standards by publishing stimulating, informative and useful articles on a range of issues influencing professional nursing research, teaching and practice. Contemporary Nurse publishes original research articles, clinical practice and topic reviews relevant to nursing research, literature reviews, book reviews, methodology articles, clinical vignettes, student papers, exemplars and polemical articles. It is the preferred Asia-Pacific forum for nursing educators, researchers and professionals.

Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing

  • Editor: Edward Alan Glaspar
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: an international peer-reviewed journal that contributes to the knowledge base of children’s nurses and other health care professionals who care for children. Content topics appropriate for the journal include those related to all aspects of knowledge translation (evidence-based practice) into child health care practice. This includes original quantitative and qualitative research; systematic reviews of the literature; descriptions of processes/projects that successfully translated knowledge into practice, including descriptions of quality assurance and performance improvement strategies; and measurement of healthcare outcomes. In addition, manuscripts related to child health care policy, organizational management, and ethics will be considered.

Creative Nursing

  • Editor-in-Chief: Marie Manthey
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Author guidelines
  • Description: an issue-focused journal, unique in its recognition of the values inherent in the nursing profession. Excellence and professionalism are not exclusive to any one discipline or specialty, and the editors of Creative Nursing are dedicated to developing nursing leaders at all levels and in all settings.

Critical Care Nurse

  • Editor: JoAnn Grif Alspach
  • Publisher and Association: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: provides critical care and acute care nurses with accurate, relevant, and useful information concerning the bedside care of critically and acutely ill patients and to keep critical and acute care nurses informed on issues that affect their practice. By reading any issue of CRITICAL CARE NURSE, critical care and acute care nurses should benefit through increased knowledge concerning critical and acute care nursing practice and be able to use this knowledge to care for patients and their families in a more effective manner.

Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America

  • Editor, Jan Foster
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: Offers clinical reviews of timely subjects, including diagnosis and therapy, new materials, and new technologies. Your contribution should be of genuine clinical interest and contain information that is well substantiated by your research, your clinical experience, and by reports in the literature.

 Critical Care Nursing Quarterly

  • Editor: Janet M. Barber
  • Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Author guidelines 
  • Description: a peer-reviewed journal that provides current practice-oriented information for the continuing education and improved clinical practice of critical care professionals, including nurses, physicians, and allied health care professionals.


  • Editor-in-Chief: Fhumulani Mavis Mulaudzi
  • Publisher and Association: Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa
  • Author Guidelines
  • Description: a scholarly research journal that aims to provide a forum for the exploration of issues and experiences relating to, and supporting, nursing and midwifery best-practice development through research learning and problem-based knowledge sharing across the African continent. The journal will seek to publish stimulating, thought-provoking information and innovative research and reviews on all aspects of nursing and midwifery with particular emphasis on the developing African context, including, but not limited to best practices, research, and policy roles of nurses and midwifes and the settings in which they practice.