One of the most useful resources that INANE offers is the opportunity to network with colleagues. Face-to-face networking is a major activity at the conference in the summer and plenty of time is built in to the program to allow this to occur. During the rest of the year, editors interact on through the website, blog, Facebook page, and Yahoo! mailing list.

Editors Networking in Montreal, 2012

Linked to this page you will find the Editor Connection pages. These are designed to be a quick and easy-to-use resource to identify nursing editors and their respective journals. Links to the editor’s personal webpage (if s/he has one) and journal website are included. We have chosen not to publish editor email addresses as that has the potential to lead to misuse and spam.

The Editor Connection pages are updated periodically. If you would like to have your journal included, please complete the Editor Connection Information Update form. If you are active with multiple journals, please complete and update form for each journal.

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