No Longer Listed

Titles are removed from the Nursing Journals Directory when we discover that they are no longer published, the web links no longer function, or there is no evidence of sustained editorial productivity.

Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research (removed 2017-04-13)

Care Management Journals (removed 2018-01-31)

Diversity and Equality in Health and Care (removed 2017-05-12)

 Journal of Nursing Law (removed 2017-12-21)

Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing (removed 2017-05-31)

Nursing Informatics Today (removed 2017-06-16)

Nursing in Cardiology (Enfermeria En Cardiologia) (removed 2017-06-15)

Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing (removed 2018-01-01; unable to contact Editors)

Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (removed 2018-03-25)

Quality in Primary Care (removed 2017-06-15)

Self-Care, Dependent-Care & Nursing (removed 2018-03-25)

Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing (removed 2018-03-25)