Your Editorial for the INANE “Open Access, Editorial Standards and Predatory Publishers” Initiative!

Editorials are starting to appear related to our INANE initiative!  As a recap – at the 2014 conference we had a groundswell of energy to educate and inform nursing journal readers about Open Access publishing, editorial standards that provide the benchmarks of quality in nursing journal publishing, and the pitfalls that have emerged with the massive growth ofopen_access-logo predatory publishers who prey on unsuspecting authors to make a profit with no regard to the standrads of quality that assure sound, accurate and reliable content.

For more details about this initiative go to the  “Open Access Editorial Standards” page on our web site where you will also find an electronic form to use to send us the citation for your editorial.  We will then include your editorial on our listing of Editorials!  (there is already one on the list!).

If you are an Editor and have not already prepared your editorial, remember that you can use the “anchor document” that is published in the September Issue of “Nurse Author & Editor.”  This document is titled “Predatory Publishing: What Editors Need to Know” which was written by a group of us who attended the 2014 conference session on this topic.  You can use this document in any way that suits your journal, with attribution the the Nurse Author & Editor source.

If you are not an Editor, watch for an Editorial to appear in journals you rely on!  Each journal Editor will provide information about this topic that is tailored to the needs and interests of their readers!

If you want to enter into an open discussion about this issue, please visit the INANE “Open Access Discussion” page, and enter your comments, questions and ideas!  We look forward to hearing from you, and we will respond!

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