Announcing the Nursing Editors History Project

Peggy Chinn and I are very excited to announce a new initiative that we have developed and will be leading: the Nursing Editors History Project. We have created a website which is here: NEHP. That site has all the details but in a nutshell–Peggy and I realized that there is no central repository or database of nursing editors. As everyone on this list knows, editors play a crucial role in the creation and dissemination of nursing knowledge. Our leadership is so significant that we created an award to recognize this! But, while archives exist that electronically store the articles that have been published in journals, but many of these archives do not include information on editors, publishers, and other key people. As time moves on, much of this information, which right now only exists only in the form of memories, is being lost. Thus we had the brainstorm of the NEHP.

As with everything that is INANE-related, this is a grassroots project. We have created the website and a form for collecting data about journals. The form has been gently pilot-tested but will likely need revision–we welcome your feedback! As we receive information, we will update the site, revise our processes, and keep everyone involved. We need your input to be successful. 

The website is our initial vision. It includes a database of journals and a listing of editors, past and present. We have links to the information that is submitted and will be linking back to the Directory of Nursing Journals at the INANE site. Our goal is to have a comprehensive resource that documents our editorial history, which can serve as a resource to inform the future. 

We invite all INANE members to join us in this initiative. Please share your journal information and history through our submission form. If you have information on other journals, particularly those that are no longer published, we are interested in that, too. There is a contact form at the website that makes it easy to get in touch with us. We welcome ideas and suggestions on the project in general–this is what will inspire us to make this project grow! Last, we have a page for donations. If you truly believe in what we have envisioned, financial support, even modest donations, will go a long way to supporting the sustainability of this project. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and visit the NEHP website. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your journal information for our database.

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  1. Wonderful. So happy you’re doing this and I’m looking forward to contributing where indicated!

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