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In Memoriam: Elizabeth Tornquist

We are saddened by the news that Elizabeth Tornquist, writing consultant, died on January 30, 2016.  There is probably not a single nursing journal editor who has not felt Elizabeth’s influence, even if we have not been aware of it!   She devoted her life to assisting nurses and other tornquisthealthcare professional to achieve publication.  Her book “From Proposal to Publication: An Informal Guide to Writing About Nursing Research” has been widely used, not only in her own popular workshops and classes, but by many who never met her personally. 

Elizabeth was born in Wilson, North Carolina on January 14, 1933.  She graduated from Duke University in 1954, and made her permanent home in Durham. I recall not long ago meeting her at a small dinner party, and sensed immediately her infectious sense of humor and her contagious enthusiasm for her work with nurses.  The Obituary in the News & Observer profiles her life perfectly:

Elizabeth was a renaissance woman – newspaper writer, grant writer, editor, small business owner and consultant. All the while being a single parent and, later, a totally hands-on grandmother. Elizabeth loved to read, she loved her friends and family. SHE LOVED.

In 2007 Elizabeth was awarded the GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award.  In their presentation of this award, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses acknowledged the significance of her work in supporting nurses in publishing their insights and knowledge as an editor in residence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing.  She helped to found the School’s Research Support Center, which resulted in a growth in the School’s research funding from $22,000 in 1985 to over $8 million in 2006.

Indeed, the spirit, essence and work of Elizabeth Tornquist has left a lasting influence.  We extend our deepest sympathy to all of her family, friends, and colleagues who knew her, and share our appreciation for her life well-lived and for her contributions to nursing and nursing literature.


Things Publishers Do

In our discussions – both online and at our conferences, INANE participants have nurtured a strong position regarding best editorial and publishing practices (see in particular our project launched at the 2014 conference in Maine, focusing on “Open Access, Editorial Standards and Predatory Publishing”  One of the resources that has influenced our work on this issue is the Scholarly Kitchen series of “Things Publishers Do.”  Today the chefs have provided the 2016 update of this list, which is now a list of 96 items!  It well worth reading, and noticing the enhancements as well as the additions to the list!

Kent Anderson UPDATED — 96 Things Publishers Do (2016 Edition)

Moving forward with plan for trip to Cuba, January 2017!

IMG_1505We finished our series of informational meetings about the potential INANE/Cuba Educational Collaboration Trip yesterday. We know that there are people who are interested in learning more who could not join the informational sessions, so this post covers what we shared, including a video of one of the sessions (at the end of this post), answers to many questions that came up during our meetings, and a form you can complete to let us know if you are definitely, moderately, or somewhat interested in participating in an INANE collaborative exchange trip to Cuba in January 2017!   Read on for more details, to see the video, and to fill out to the “Expression of Interest” form!

The informational meetings confirmed a broad concept–that this proposal could very well serve as a model for developing the international connections we have always aspired to for INANE, but have not achieved as fully as we would like. This model does not replace our annual conferences, which will proceed as usual. International Collaborative Exchanges would involve small INANE delegations visiting countries where we want to build strong editorial connections.

For Cuba specifically, our informational sessions confirmed that there is enough interest in the proposed Cuba trip to move forward with the next steps, which are:

  1. Determining who is seriously interested in participating in a MEDICC-sponsored trip to Cuba in January, 2017 (we need 16 to 22 participants).  If you are interested, you can complete our “Expression of Interest” form to let us know your level of interest!
  2. If we have a sufficient number of people indicating interest, we will notify MEDICC that we do want to confirm that INANE will sign up for the dates that they have reserved for this trip, and start working with them to plan our agenda.
A few questions which came up at the various meetings:
  • Would we be able to visit a school of nursing, hospital, maternal/child health center, elder center, etc?  Yes–MEDICC would work with us to plan the agenda to meet our needs. One advantage of planning this far in advance is that we have time to figure out what everyone wants to see and do and work to have that included as part of the program.
  • Would we stay at the same hotel that you and Leslie stayed at?  Probably not. MEDICC is working to reserve rooms at a hotel that is closer to downtown Havana, which would make it easier for people to get out in the evening or when we have free time.
  • What are the requirements for passport and visa? If you are a citizen of the United States, you must have a valid US passport and it must have an expiration date at least 6 months beyond the date of the trip (July 2017). MEDICC takes care of arranging for a visa for each traveler. Non-US travelers must have a valid passport from their home country.
  • Is this trip only for people from the US? No, INANE friends from other countries are welcome to sign up for the trip. Arrangements would be made for how they would arrive in Havana.
  • Would we be able to travel beyond Havana? This will be determined by what we want on the agenda and what is feasible in terms of time and distance.
  • Can my spouse come on the trip? Spouses/partners/friends are welcome but they need to participate in all the educational programming that is offered–that is part of the visa requirement.
  • I don’t speak Spanish – is that a problem? That’s fine. Leslie and I don’t speak Spanish either. An interpreter is included as part of the travel package. It is a great asset to be able to speak Spanish, but not required.
  • How was the weather? The weather was nice. It rained one day but after that was sunny and pleasant, with temps in the 70s. I suspect that next January would be very nice, especially for those of us who live in places that experience winter. 🙂
  • When do we have to pay/or sign up?  MEDICC will provide a formal application for the trip that will be available later this spring or early summer.  We will develop a “first come” list for this application, and if there are more than 22 participants who wish to apply, we will set up a wait list so that if someone has to drop out, someone else can take their place.  Once your application is approved by MEDICC, you will be asked to pay a deposit, which for us was $300.  For us, the final payment in full for the trip was due about 2 weeks before the start of the trip, which is likely to be the plan for our INANE trip.

So let us know if you are at all interested–we need your response even if you are only mildly interested. It should take you about 2 minutes to complete this form. Note that this is not binding or a final commitment–it just allows us to have an accurate number to go forward with MEDICC, in good faith saying that we have at least the minimum number of people required for a trip. Once we have sufficient responses to justify moving forward, we will notify MEDICC, and will also develop a communication system to everyone informed each step of the way!

Here is the link to the “Expression of Interest” form:

If you have questions, use the contact form to send them to Leslie or Peggy and we’ll do our best to get you an answer. Thanks again! We look forward to moving ahead with this project!  And enjoy the video!

Call for Editor – Pain Management Nursing Journal

The American Society for Pain Management Nursing is seeking an Editor for the Pain Management Nursing Journal.  The qualifications include:

  • Doctorate Degree
  • Registered nurse with a history of professional excellence in pain management nursing. Publishing and editing for clinical or research journals and authorship of articles in peer reviewed nursing literature, ideally research reports in peer reviewed journals
  • Documented history of scholarly achievement
  • History of published research and/or evidence based practice
  • Commitment to offer significant time to this position (approximately 6 hours a week)

The Editor search for the Pain Management Nursing journal is being conducted by the ASPMN® Board of Directors. A Search Committee has been appointed and will review applications, conduct phone interviews as needed, and make recommendations on the final candidate. This position will be open until filled with applications being reviewed starting March 1, 2016. The preferred start date is June 1, 2016.

See the Association website here, and the Journal website here  For more details about the position, and the search process, download the Call For Editor.

Cuba Information Meetings Underway!

Yesterday Leslie and I launched our series of information meetings to share a report of our recent trip to Cuba!  We shared some slides summarizing our trip, and had a great discussion focusing on what can happen on a January 2017 INANE delegation to Cuba. We have three more of these video meetings planned – if you are interested in learning more, please sign up for one of the meetings to learn more! Let us know if you are interested but cannot join in one of these meetings, and we will make sure you are in the loop about the potential for this trip. If you missed Leslie’s post just after we returned, check it out to catch up on for early summary report.

If we find that there is sufficient interest to proceed with planning, we will let the staff at MEDICC know that we want to move forward with planning.  We will then send out lots of information to everyone and will do all we can to make this a meaningful INANE event to strengthen our editorial connections with nursing and healthcare in Cuba!

Use this form to let us know which meeting you would like to attend:


Boston Added to Our Conference Lineup for 2018!

This morning a mighty group of nursing journal editors “met” using a zoom.us video/audio connection to begin the process of planning for our 2018 conference in Boston!  Our first order of business – to affirm this location, and proceed with identifying a suitable venue.  Of course the Boston area is a high-rent district, so be prepared for prices that are a bit above what we have paid in the past, but the group is already hard at work gathering information about several different locations, and will find the best possible site on the basis of cost in a location that provides the kinds of access that we all have come to know and love (shopping, great food, local entertainment!!).

The Denver planning group is also getting close to signing a contract on a hotel site for 2017.  The details are not settled yet, but be prepared for a wonderful location with the best that Denver has to offer!

And of course London – coming up next for 2016!  The London planning group meets monthly on zoom.us – our group is stretched all the way from London to California and Gary is leading the way with fabulous plans for one of our best conferences ever (can they get any better, really??)!  The web site for 2016 will be ready to unveil in about 2-3 weeks, with details that will inspire you to start making reservations immediately!

We also have a group starting to form to explore the possibility of Cuba as the site for our 2019 conference. Leslie and I are going to Cuba in December with a MEDICC group; we will meet with publishers, journal editors, and nursing faculty and librarians while we are there, and have opened discussion with the MEDICC staff about the possibility of working with them to make local arrangements.  Watch this blog for more information!

If you want to join any of these planning groups, please use our contact form to let us know, and we will connect you with the group!


COPE membership

This message comes form Charon Pierson, our INANE member who is on the COPE Council along with our own Geri Pearson (both nursing journal editors as well)!

Questions were raised at our last (and fabulous) meeting in Las Vegas about how to become members of COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics). Many of you might already be members and not know it. To access the many benefits of COPE you may simply have to activate your existing membership. Most of the major publishers have paid for and signed up their journals as members. So, although membership is not free, it is likely already paid by your publisher.

To find out if you are already a member, go to http://publicationethics.org/ and click on the tab “Members” near the top of the screen. Once on the Members page, you can find out if your journal is already a member in two ways: 1) type your name into the search box on the right of your screen or 2) type the official name of your journal into the same search box. If you don’t see your name or your journal’s name, contact your publisher to see if your journal is a member and if it is a member, if the membership information has been updated to include you as the editor.

Once you have identified that your journal is a member, and that you are listed as the editor, you can activate your personal log in, which you accomplish by creating a password in the “Edit my details” tab at the very top of the page near the log in spot. If you are unable to do that, contact the COPE administrator on the “Contact Us” tab at the far end of the tabs near the top of the page to reset your password or change any details that are incorrect in your listing.

As a member you will be eligible to vote on the changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting on September 9, 2015 in London. Both Geri Pearson and Charon Pierson will be in attendance at this important meeting. As a member you are also eligible to participate in the Forum conference calls and attend COPE seminars free. COPE provides editors with a lot of valuable resources so don’t forget to take full advantage of your membership.

If you did not see the live blogs from our Las Vegas conference, check them out here!  It was another fabulous conference!

Leslie H. Nicoll Receives Margaret Comerford Freda Award for Editorial Leadership!

Congratulations to Leslie Nicoll, this year’s recipient of the Margaret Comerford Freda Award for Editorial Leadership!  Leslie’s nomination was kept top secret right up to the moment it was announced by Lucy Bradley-Springer, chair of the selection committee! The announcement was a particularly poignant moment, because she and Margaret

Leslie Nicoll

Leslie Nicoll

completed the 2nd Edition of their book “The Editor’s Handbook” just days before Margaret’s death.  Margaret also served on this year’s selection for the award that is named in her honor, and she fully supported Leslie as the recipient of the award.

Leslie has served as Editor of CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing since 1995, and now is also the Editor of Nurse Author & Editor.  From 2001 through 2009 she was Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Hospice Palliative Nursing.  She is the president and owner of Maine Desk LLC, and leads writing retreats in conjunction with the National League for Nursing that provide guidance and coaching for nurses who are developing their skills in writing for publication.  Since 2001 she has maintained a role with the Portland Community Free Clinic, where she now serves as the Program Coordinator.

Leslie is the author of more than 70 published professional articles, book chapters, and books, including The Nurse’s Guide to the Internet, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions, each with multiple printings. She was the founding editor of Perspectives on Nursing Theory, the fourth edition of which has recently been published. She is co-author, with Margaret Comerford Freda, of The Editor’s Handbook: An Online Resource and CE Course. Most recently, in 2011, Leslie was co-author, with Rick Daniels of Contemporary Medical Surgical Nursing published by Delmar Cengage Learning. She is also co-author, with Harvey Chute, of Kindle for Dummies, published by Wiley. Most recently she is the primary author (with me as co-author) of Writing in the Digital Age: Savvy Publishing for Healthcare Professionals.

For many years now, Leslie has volunteered as a presenter at our INANE conferences, bringing interesting and timely information on a wide range of topics that are particularly interest to nursing journal editors. I remember always looking forward to Leslie’s sessions because they were focused on topics that, at the time, were just emerging as new developments in the field, and they were always interesting and informative. She served as the host and coordinator of the INANE 2014 conference in her home town of Portland, Maine, and in that process developed a wealth of Internet resources that can be used by INANE coordinators for years to come. She manages all of our INANE web resources, which have grown in recent years by leaps and bounds!

There are two threads running through this long list of professional accomplishments that supported Leslie’s selection as this year’s award winner – evidence of support, mentoring and role modeling for new editors (criterion 3 for this award), and her commitment to standards that foster ethical publishing and transparency (criterion 7).  Here are excerpts from her nomination that speak to the character of Leslie’s significant leadership in nursing journal editing:

On Mentoring: As long as I have known Leslie, she has been committed to reaching out to new editors and those who are interested in becoming involved in nursing journal publishing.  So when we suffered the painful loss of our colleague Suzanne Smith, it was Leslie’s idea to establish a fund in Suzanne’s memory that would enhance and support INANE’s own interest in mentoring new editors.  At the start, we envisioned this fund as one that would support maybe a couple of new editors to attend the 2014 INANE conference (the first after Suzanne’s death), but Leslie became inspired with the vision that this could be a program of lasting value and she has taken on the responsibility to manage and develop the fund, now in its second year of sponsoring 4 new editors to attend the INANE conference and with funding to support at least two more years of similar sponsorship.
On fostering ethical standards: When Leslie become Editor of “Nurse Author & Editor,” one of her goals was to update and develop the Directory of Nursing Journals that had resided on the “Nurse Author & Editor” web site for years, but that had grown outdated.  She negotiated with the publisher to move the Journal’s Directory to the INANE web site so that we could develop it as a more useful resource, with current, consistent and accurate information for each journal listed.  She developed the template for each journal listing, and we went through the existing Directory to vet each title that had been listed, remove those that did not qualify for the standards of transparency and editorial quality that we established, and add information for each title that qualified to be included in the Directory.  Leslie also enlisted Charon Pierson, who is a member of the COPE Council, to be the person to vet new journals that apply to be included in our Directory.
So join me in expressing to Leslie our collective congratulations, and deep appreciation, for all that she contributes to INANE, to nursing literature, and to development of the future of our discipline!

COPE “Best Practices” Principles Updated

Earlier this week, COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics) announced an update of the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.  These principles are central to the INANE initiative to promote best editorial standards in nursing journals and inform readers of nursing journals about the emergence of predatory publishers.  The principles also inform the vetting process that we use when we receive a request for inclusion in the Nursing Journals Directory.

The Principles were first posted on the COPE website in January, 2014, and this second version was just posted on June 22, 2015.  These principles are intended to guide and strengthen the practices of all scholarly publishing.  Consistent with the spirit and the process used by COPE and other organizations, for our Journals Directory we use our vetting criteria to first work with editors and publishers to address any concerns that have been raised.

Thank you to all the Editors who have published editorial addressing these issues!  You can see the growing list of these editorials here.