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I mentioned in my previous post that I bought and iPad, mostly because I am a gadget-freak and need to keep up with every new toy on the market. 🙂 While I enjoy it for some things (mostly watching Netflix movies), I have to admit that it’s not my go-to device. Laptop, iPhone, and Kindle, in that order, are the things that are most commonly occupying my hands (and time). It was interesting, then, to come across this article on Slate. I wouldn’t go so far to say I hate my iPad, but I don’t love it, either.

This comment rang true for me:

When it comes to reading books, I prefer my Kindle—its e-ink technology offers a break from the brightly lit screens I stare at all day, it’s light in my hands, and its single purpose means I’m less likely to be distracted by a droll tweet from @pourmecoffee. The Kindle is also economical, and not just because it’s cheaper than an iPad. The money I’ve saved by subscribing to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on Amazon’s reader has paid for the device and then some. Every time I want to do something on the iPad, by contrast, Steve Jobs has his hand out.

I chuckled at this:

The problem with reading a book on the iPad is that there’s always the Web and Netflix to compete with. I’ve never finished a book on the iPad.

So true! I’ve bought exactly one book on the iPad (Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the Marriage of the Century, in case anyone is curious) and I’m still only about 50% of the way through–and I bought it last July! I’ve actually thought of re-buying it for my Kindle because then I know I’d finish it, but that seems like a ridiculous waste of money, especially because my mother owns the hardcover. I guess I could borrow it from her, but that means going back to reading (gasp!) a paper book. LOL.

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  1. Great points, Leslie and I am all inspired to upgrade my Kindle! I do love my iPad though and find I spen a lot less time on my laptop, and I just did a trip to florida with only my iPad and even took care of my editorial manager tasks on it! There are some EM things you can’t do in the iPad but the most common thing s are fine. I am doing this comment on the iPad! And, I like only having one device to take on a trip! But, having said all of that, I know that the reading experience is better on the kindle, so here’s to an upgrade!

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