The Elusive Subscribe Button

One hint to readers: if you enjoy this blog you can subscribe to it. By subscribing, you’ll receive an e-mail each time a new post is put up allowing you to read the post in your inbox or come visit the blog. In order to subscribe, you need to be logged into WordPress.

In order to subscribe, follow these steps. Scroll down the page to the end of the sidebar on the right hand side. In the “Meta” section you’ll see an option for Log in.

Click Log in which will bring you to the Log in screen which looks like this:

If you already have a WordPress account, log in with your user name and password. If you don’t choose register and follow the prompts.

When you get to the register screen, you have the option to create a user ID and WordPress blog. If you don’t want to start a blog, and just want to create a user name choose the option for user name only, down on the right hand side.

Once you are logged in, you’ll see the subscribe button at the top of the screen, like this:

Because this is a public blog, you don’t need to log in to view the blog. But you do need to log in if you want to subscribe and receive email notifications of new posts.

Questions? Please ask in the comments. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “The Elusive Subscribe Button

  1. Thank you, Peggy. It’s very simple, just PrntScrn and the I use Paint–the simple program that comes installed in Accessories on all Windows computers. I know you use a Mac but there must be an equivalent program.


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