2013-14 Annual Report

The Annual Web Resources report is now ready! You can download the  2013-14 Web annual-report-300report here!  As you will see from the report, the main accomplishment over the past year was the move of this web site to WordPress, where we are able to bring our blog and our web site together!

One of the big benefits of this shift is that the web site is now accessible for broad participation of all INANE members. Everyone can subscribe to this blog, and anyone can comment at any time,  And to be part of the team that updates our pages and contributes to content on the blog and on the web pages, you only need a bit of orientation to WordPress  – which Leslie Nicoll and I are eager to provide!  Here are the specific “jobs” we hope you will consider!

  • Web site management – we would welcome one to two people to participate with us! The tasks involved include:
    • Periodic review of our home page and “about INANE” content for currency and accuracy
    • Management of “networking” forms and the content generated when these forms are completed
    • Ongoing development of the “resources” section
  • Facebook content/photograph management – at least one person can take on this very fun task! Facebook provides a nice way to organize photos into albums. A number of pictures were uploaded during the website transition. We’d like to recruit a photo archivist to upload pictures, maintain the albums, and identify/label the people in the photos.
  • Bloggers – it would be ideal to have one to three people to form a blogging schedule so that our blog has regular posts on a variety of topics.

If you are willing to be involved with any of these activities for the coming year, please let us know by completing our contact form.  We would be delighted to hear for m you now, and to announce your joining our team at the annual meeting!


If you are thinking the blog looks a little different…

you are correct. It does!

Peggy Chinn and I, along with the other members of the INANE Internet Workgroup, are working on a major overhaul of the INANE website and the blog. The best news is that now the website and blog are going to be together in one place. No more needing to remember two URLs or switch back and forth to find essential information. It is all here at nursingeditors.com.


The blog and the website will now live together in the same fishbowl!

As part of this transformation, I have switched the blog theme to more easily accommodate the needs of the website. Before it looked like a magazine or the front page of a newspaper with lots of different stories. Now it has a more traditional blog look, with posts scrolling down and the most recent (like this one) at the top. I liked the old style but this format will be more workable for a website in the long run.

Within the blog, Peggy and I have created a special category page where we have gathered the tributes to Suzanne Smith as well as her “Who’s Who” page from the INANE website. You can access the page by clicking here. Note that the posts about Suzanne are also still contained within the blog itself, in chronological order. The tribute post has 38 comments and over the past two months, I’ve gone back many times to re-read them. Comments are not closed. If you have been thinking about Suzanne, take a minute to share your thoughts in a comment. This post, the comments, and the category page will be preserved ad infinitum; we consider Suzanne’s memory an important part of our INANE legacy.

Also with our updating, I have created a page where it is possible to donate to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund, right here from the website. All of us hope this initiative will live on beyond the INANE 2014 conference and having a donation page here is part of our planning for that future. If you have not yet donated to the fund, please take a moment to do so and help keep Suzanne’s memory alive in our organization. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

If you are reading this blog post, you will likely start poking around the website. Realize that this is a work in progress and there will be updates and changes over the coming days and weeks. Still, the essential navigation remains the same; we hope it looks familiar to all of you. If you have questions or feedback about the look or what we should include, use the contact page to send feedback. You can also leave a comment below. I along with Peggy and the other members of the workgroup look froward to hearing from you!


Setting up a journal blog

What a wonderful experience this is … getting started with blogging!  I want to share with “Editor’s Pen” readers my experience in getting started on a journal blog, which IAdvances in Nursing Science think will begin to really enhance the journal’s effectiveness in reaching readers.  Thanks, Leslie,for pushing this along and encouraging me to get started!

I have now set up a blog for ANS, and the folks at the publisher have linked the blog to the ANS Facebook page!  I am working on plans to make the blog serve the journal.  We have already started,and will continue to include commentaries and discussion from authors and readers related to content in the journal.  I will also be posting “mini” editorials regularly, and will link my comments to resources on the ANS web site.

Click around and explore, and if you want to connect with me to explore ways to get this going, or to improve how we all are using this resource, don’t hesitate to be in touch! And remember, this kind of thing will be discussed and featured at our August conference!  Hope you can come and join in!

Linked to the INANE Facebook Page

Just a quick update…I have successfully linked this blog to our INANE Facebook page so every time a new post is made here, it will show up there. For those of you who are inveterate Facebookers, now you can get your INANE blog news at your favorite social networking site.

Many thanks to Katie Brownlow, Managing Editor at Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc., who gave me the link to figure out how to make this connection between the two sites!

The Elusive Subscribe Button

One hint to readers: if you enjoy this blog you can subscribe to it. By subscribing, you’ll receive an e-mail each time a new post is put up allowing you to read the post in your inbox or come visit the blog. In order to subscribe, you need to be logged into WordPress.

In order to subscribe, follow these steps. Scroll down the page to the end of the sidebar on the right hand side. In the “Meta” section you’ll see an option for Log in.

Click Log in which will bring you to the Log in screen which looks like this:

If you already have a WordPress account, log in with your user name and password. If you don’t choose register and follow the prompts.

When you get to the register screen, you have the option to create a user ID and WordPress blog. If you don’t want to start a blog, and just want to create a user name choose the option for user name only, down on the right hand side.

Once you are logged in, you’ll see the subscribe button at the top of the screen, like this:

Because this is a public blog, you don’t need to log in to view the blog. But you do need to log in if you want to subscribe and receive email notifications of new posts.

Questions? Please ask in the comments. Thanks!