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What a wonderful experience this is … getting started with blogging!  I want to share with “Editor’s Pen” readers my experience in getting started on a journal blog, which IAdvances in Nursing Science think will begin to really enhance the journal’s effectiveness in reaching readers.  Thanks, Leslie,for pushing this along and encouraging me to get started!

I have now set up a blog for ANS, and the folks at the publisher have linked the blog to the ANS Facebook page!  I am working on plans to make the blog serve the journal.  We have already started,and will continue to include commentaries and discussion from authors and readers related to content in the journal.  I will also be posting “mini” editorials regularly, and will link my comments to resources on the ANS web site.

Click around and explore, and if you want to connect with me to explore ways to get this going, or to improve how we all are using this resource, don’t hesitate to be in touch! And remember, this kind of thing will be discussed and featured at our August conference!  Hope you can come and join in!

2 thoughts on “Setting up a journal blog

  1. This is great, Peggy, and your ANS blog looks terrific, too. I love blogging on WordPress and I think it has lots of potential for connecting readers, authors, and editors. The only downside is that sometimes I feel a little scattered, with a blog here, a Facebook page there, and my journal website in yet a third location. I know we can link blogs and Facebook (as I have done here) but I still spend time thinking about how to consolidate and coordinate resources to make accessing the information more efficient.


  2. How true! These sites don’t make it easy, and I think the publishers are all just as new at this as we are, and have a long way to go to get everything coordinated well.

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