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The AMA Style Insider just started up this month (April 2011), and there only a handful of posts so far, but this promises to be a wonderful resource!  Regardless of the style manual that you use for your journal, you will find this to be an extremely valuable online resource that will help you think through some of the most pressing issues facing editorsMobile device writing cartoon today.  The topics range across just about any writing and editing challenge imaginable – word usage, punctuation, grammar and more — and this is only their first month of blogging!

One of the posts is particularly important for INANE members — “Duplicity, or the Dangers of Duplicate e-Publication.”  This particular post refers to and relies on the particular policies and viewpoints of the editorial staff that produces JAMA and the AMA Manual of Style, but reflects what I believe to be an industry standard that deserves everyone’s consideration.  Most of the posts venture much further afield, citing what the blog post author has found in exploring the topic in other reputable writing resources and style manuals.

I highly recommend subscribing to this blog!  I did, and I know it will be a valuable tool to help me stay on top of many of the issues we all face in the publishing world!

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