Reminder! Your Journal(s) and INANE

For everyone who is a nursing journal editor or publisher, remember that INANE offers two important features that help give your journal visibility!search

One important feature is our initiative on Editorial Standards and Predatory Practices in journal publishing. The project involves the publication of editorials addressing these issues in as many nursing journals as possible!  We launched this project at our 2014 annual conference in Portland, Maine, and our list of editorials is growing almost daily!  We believe that we are the first group of journal editors to formally address this issue publicly, so it is a very important project that reaches beyond the limits of nursing alone!  Visit the list frequently to be inspired about the work that we are doing, and use our online form to send us the details about your journal’s editorials as soon as this becomes available!

The other important feature that helps provide visibility for your journal is our Nursing Journals Directory, co-sponsored with Nurse Author & Editor. The Directory is managed by Leslie Nicoll (co-manager of the INANE web site), Charon Pierson (COPE Council Member and in charge of our vetting process), and Peggy Chinn (co-manager of the INANE web site).

If your journal is already listed, take a moment to check the information we have posted to make sure it is up-to-date.  Let us know of any changes that are needed — keeping this Directory current is a high priority, so we make changes of any type that happen to come to our attention.  But we need everyone’s help to make sure that changes do come our way!  So let us know any time anything changes with the journals you work with!

If your journal is not already listed, get the process started!  Information about the vetting process is on our main Directory Page, and you can use the handy online form to send in your request for a listing!

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