Nurse Author & Editor: New Site, New Look, New Content!

banner-na&e-500If you haven’t had a chance to visit the new site for Nurse Author & Editor, please take a minute and do so today! This helpful resource for authors, editors, and reviewers  is entering its 26th year of publication. We are celebrating with a new look, new publication model, and new content, published on the 5th and 20th of every month.

As today is November 5th, a new article by Shawn Kennedy, “Inappropriate Authorship in Nursing Journals,” just went live this morning. If you think that ghost authorship and honorary authorship are not problems in nursing, think again! Please read the article and if you are so inclined, leave a comment for discussion. Shawn and I will be monitoring comments over the next few days–we look forward to interacting with readers.

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Upcoming articles to look forward to:

  • Revise and Resubmit…Or Not, by Thomas Long
  • Caught in the Trap: The Allure of Deceptive Publishers by Peggy Chinn and Leslie Nicoll
  • Banish Your Inner Awful Writer, by Leslie Nicoll

There will also be regular announcements, book reviews, and other items of interest for authors, reviewers, and editors. Subscribe, bookmark the site, and visit often!

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your support!


Reminder! Your Journal(s) and INANE

For everyone who is a nursing journal editor or publisher, remember that INANE offers two important features that help give your journal visibility!search

One important feature is our initiative on Editorial Standards and Predatory Practices in journal publishing. The project involves the publication of editorials addressing these issues in as many nursing journals as possible!  We launched this project at our 2014 annual conference in Portland, Maine, and our list of editorials is growing almost daily!  We believe that we are the first group of journal editors to formally address this issue publicly, so it is a very important project that reaches beyond the limits of nursing alone!  Visit the list frequently to be inspired about the work that we are doing, and use our online form to send us the details about your journal’s editorials as soon as this becomes available!

The other important feature that helps provide visibility for your journal is our Nursing Journals Directory, co-sponsored with Nurse Author & Editor. The Directory is managed by Leslie Nicoll (co-manager of the INANE web site), Charon Pierson (COPE Council Member and in charge of our vetting process), and Peggy Chinn (co-manager of the INANE web site).

If your journal is already listed, take a moment to check the information we have posted to make sure it is up-to-date.  Let us know of any changes that are needed — keeping this Directory current is a high priority, so we make changes of any type that happen to come to our attention.  But we need everyone’s help to make sure that changes do come our way!  So let us know any time anything changes with the journals you work with!

If your journal is not already listed, get the process started!  Information about the vetting process is on our main Directory Page, and you can use the handy online form to send in your request for a listing!

Editorials for our “Predatory Publishers” Project!

576675_339521189451599_1525598560_nAt our 2014 INANE conference in Portland, Maine, the group present for Jeffrey Beall’s informative presentation titled “Open Access or Good Editors Stand Out in a World of Predatory Publishers” agreed to launch a project to inform all readers of nursing journals about this important topic. We envisioned having an initial document published that lays out the basic issues involved; this document can be re-published or quoted (with adequate attribution) by any nursing journal editor in preparing an editorial that is tailored to a specific journal audience.

Without delay, and within exactly four weeks, a team of collaborators led by Sally Thorne developed an overview “anchor” document that has now been published in Nurse Author & Editor.  This position statement is titled “Predatory Publishing: What Editors Need to Know.”  It is available for free for any interested person; you only need to register on the site (at no cost) to have access.

With the publication of this document, it is now up to each of us as nursing journal editors to prepare and publish an editorial that addresses this issue.  Our major concern is to affirm the standards of editorial quality to which our journals adhere, and to inform readers, as potential authors and reviewers, of practices that have emerged in recent years that erode these standards of quality.  If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of this issue, or would like to have feedback on a draft of your message to your readers, please let us know!  You can email any of the team of collaborators, or use our INANE contact form to connect.

When your editorial is published, please send us the citation, including the URL or DOI if applicable.  You can send your citation information using the new form on our “Open Access Editorial Standards” page on this web site!

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important project!

Directory of Nursing Journals: Moved, Updated, and Improved!

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For many years, Nurse Author & Editor hosted a directory of nursing journals, a very useful resource for authors, editors, and publishers. In recent years, however, the directory had become woefully out-of-date. The platform on which it was hosted, as well as the lack of a mechanism to contact editors, made it difficult to keep the information current.

As the new Editor of Nurse Author & Editor I sought to rectify this situation. I also wanted to make a closer link between the directory and INANE since we are natural partners. I approached my colleagues at Wiley and they immediately agreed that an update was needed and a new home at INANE would be an asset. Thus I am pleased to announce the new and improved Directory of Nursing Journals, housed right here at the INANE website.

plc-7-07I want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Peggy Chinn, who took on the herculean task of updating each and every single journal entry. She verified editors’ and publishers’ names, updated journal information, and added links for “Information for Authors” and journal web pages. When she couldn’t find journal information online, she wrote the contact person for an update. She went above and beyond, working to ensure that each and every journal entry is accurate–at least as of today!

A major impetus in making the move to the INANE website was that we now have a mechanism to quickly update the directory. This is a dynamic document and we know changes occur on a regular basis. Rather than waiting to “batch” update entries on some specified time interval (such as quarterly), updates can be made “on the fly” as they are received. This will be a huge asset in helping us keep the directory current.

Of course, this is a shared responsibility! We can only update what we know which is why we need to hear from editors or publishers when changes are needed. Right now, if you are an editor or publisher, please review your listing(s) to make sure all the information is correct. If it isn’t, please send an update using this form. If your journal isn’t listed, you may use the same form to send us information for a new listing.

Note that all journal entries are reviewed and vetted for inclusion on the list. Our criteria are congruent with the purpose of INANE: journals that promote best practices in publishing and high standards in the dissemination of nursing knowledge will be listed. We want to be inclusive but at the same time, journals that detract from our scholarship, such as predatory journals, will not be included.

I hope you find the new and improved Directory of Nursing Journals a useful resource. I welcome comments, feedback, and thoughts about what we can do to make this directory the best that it can be!


Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN
Editor, Nurse Author & Editor
Editor-in-Chief, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing