Agenda for the 2015 INANE Business Meeting!

It is that time of year again, when we anticipate gathering for our annual conference and holding our traditional business meeting!  We have another banner year for registration – 135 and counting – but there are many who are not able to join us.  Therefore, we have established a tradition of sending all of the information related to our business ahead of time, so that everyone can be part of the discussion by adding your ideas, comments, and suggestions online.

The business meeting will be held on August 4 at noon (over lunch!).   Carolyn Yucha, our 2015 conference host, will chair the meeting. The tentative agenda is:

  • Internet services and finance report discussion (see below) – Leslie Nicoll
  • Suzanne Smith Development Fund and Mentoring Editors Awards (report below) – Leslie Nicoll
  • Margaret Comerford Freda Leadership Award funding – Jenn Brogan
  • Report on Predatory Publishing Project from last year – Peggy Chinn
  • Report on student papers project – Shawn Kennedy
  • Nursing Editors History Project – Leslie Nicoll and Peggy Chinn
  • Future conferences:
    • London 2016 – Gary Bell (note: Gary will give the traditional “Top Ten Reasons to Attend INANE slide preview on Wednesday morning during breakfast)
    • Denver 2017 – Karren Kowalski
    • Cuba 2018 or 2019  – Leslie Nicoll, Peggy Chinn, and Joyce Fitzpatrick
    • New sites to add to our list? – Boston has been suggested as a possibility
  • Other

Business not finished at the meeting on Tuesday will be wrapped up at breakfast on Wednesday.

If you have other items we should include, or comments or suggestions for any of the planned agenda items – please let us know!  You can use the “Contact” form here.

For your convenience, here is the Internet Resources Workgroup Report (which can also be downloaded here):

2015 Report from the Internet Resources Workgroup

The primary new accomplishment during the past year has been developing a process to maintain the Nursing Journals Directory, including a vetting process for adding new journals. The directory is a collaborative effort between INANE and Nurse Author & Editor. We began the transition in May, 2014 when Leslie Nicoll assumed the editorship of Nurse Author & Editor. Charon Pierson, Peggy Chinn, and Leslie serve as the working group to review and maintain the directory.

Financial Report

We have raised $2486 for the Internet Services Workgroup, which includes donations of $430 in 2009; “pass the hat” which raised $926 in 2011; and a raffle which raised $1130 in 2014. Funds from 2009 and 2011 are held by Peggy Chinn, while Leslie Nicoll is steward of the money from 2014.

Peggy’s expenses from 2009 to the present are $1168.68, leaving $187.32 in the funds she is overseeing. Leslie’s expenses in 2014/2015 were $259 for Wufoo (forms developer); and $125 for WordPress (website): total $410. This leaves $720 in the fund. Between the two, we have $907.32 available for Internet related expenses. At our current burn rate, that should be good for two years. We will plan on a fundraising event at the conference in 2017.


The INANE Web site (

There were 2 major additions to the INANE web site during the past year:

  • Addition of the Nursing Journals Directory, and establishment of a process for vetting new journals for web site. Charon Pierson has joined the management team for the Directory and is in charge of the vetting process.
  • A section under “Initiatives” that describes our predatory publishers project that we initiated at the 2014 conference, and that provides a listing of all Editorials published in relation to this project. As of June 23, 2015 there are 34 different publications (editorials, blog posts, and so on) listed at the site in connection with this initiative.

INANE Blog (

We have accomplished posting on the INANE blog at least bi-weekly. The posts include announcements of new Editor opportunities, general news related to INANE projects and events, and reports related to issues of general interest to nursing editors and publishers. We have posted tributes to those of our colleagues who have died, and now provide a collection of these tributes as an “In Memoriam” feature of the blog.

Yahoo email list (

The current number of subscribers is 350 (compared to 333 at this time last year, 315 in 2013, 295 in 2012 and 250 in 2011.). People can request to join the email list by completing the “Contact” form on the web site, at

INANE Facebook Page (

The Facebook Page exists primarily to link posts from the blog to Facebook, for those who prefer to read from Facebook rather than the blog itself. We have received 246 likes (compared to 161 in 2013, and 186 in 2014). In 2013, we registered our Facebook name to be which is simpler than our previous name, as well as permanent.

2015-2016 Plan

We are now at the point that our internet resources are quite stable, requiring only regular maintenance and periodic updates based on new initiatives. We remain eager to include additional bloggers, as well as individuals who are willing and interested in learning and participating in website management, and promotion of our social media resources.

If you are willing to be involved with any of these activities for the coming year, please let us know by completing the contact form!

Acknowledgements are extended to all who have participated in the development and maintenance of our web resources since the establishment of our independent web resources in 2009: Nancy Browne, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Wendy Budin, Peggy Chinn, Janet Fulton, Margaret Freda, Vallire Hooper, David Keepnews, Judy Lewis, Tina Marrelli, Leslie Nicoll, Charon Pierson, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner, Mona Shattell, Suzanne Smith, Jaynelle Stichler, and Linda Thede.

Submitted by Peggy L. Chinn and Leslie Nicoll
June 23, 2015
Updated July 25, 2015

Suzanne Smith Development Fund and Mentoring Editors Awards, 2014/2015

The INANE Scholarship Fund (established August 2013) was renamed the Suzanne Smith Development Fund in September 2013, in honor of our colleague and friend, after her unexpected death. This fund supports the Mentoring Editors Awards, also established in 2013 with the first Awardees attending the conference in 2014. Each awardee receives a complimentary registration to the conference and is also paired with a mentor.

Suzanne’s family decided in March 2014 to have all donations made in her memory be given to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund, which gave us a significant boost. All donors are thanked personally (by email or letter) and are listed on the Honor Roll of Donors.

The Mentoring Editors Awards are the only expense of the Suzanne Smith Development Fund, at approximately $2000/yr (exact amount depends on the cost of registration for the conference). While we have a comfortable “nest egg” to support the awards, I think it is financially prudent for us to have a goal to raise $2000/yr to ensure the fund is solvent on a year-to-year basis.

As of July 25, 2015 the financial report for the fund is:

Opening deposit, June 2014 $7,742.03
7/30/2014 $217.70
8/30/2014 $757.64
9/30/2014 $200.14
Interest Oct-Jul $1.34
Awards, Aug 2014 -$1,880.00
Awards, Aug 2015 -$1,930.00
Donations Dec 14-July 25, 2015 $1,315.76

Total in the fund: $6424.61

  • Donations made by credit card have a transaction fee of 0.029% plus $0.30
  • Funds are held in a savings account opened under Maine Desk LLC in June 2014. This savings account is dedicated solely to the Suzanne Smith Development Fund (this is why we have some interest income).

I hope that we are successful in raising an additional $700 by the close of INANE 2015 on August 5, 2015. I will have updated financial information at that time.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie H. Nicoll
July 25, 2015

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