Welcome to the INANE Blog!

INANE – The International Academy of Nursing Editors – is moving forward with a new and expanded Internet presence. We have created a website, a Facebook page, and now this blog. This will be a forum for discussion and sharing information in a dynamic and rapidly updated format.

All INANE members are welcome to blog here. If you have experience with blogging, dive right in. If you are new to it, here’s your chance to experiment and learn. To become a blog author, either leave a comment here or send me a message, either through the Yahoo email list or through the Feedback page, and I will add you to the authorized author list. All I need is your name and email address.

Please note that anyone can leave a comment. You don’t need to be one of the blog authors to be a commenter.

Please add this blog to your list of blogs to follow and check in often for new information and updates. Please leave a comment if you have questions!