Upcoming INANE Conferences

It’s not too early to mark your calendar and plan your trip for the annual meeting of INANE. Locations have been selected for the next five years!

  • 2012: Montreal, Canada – August 1-3. Laurie Gottlieb, contact person
  • 2013: International location (Ireland or Italy, potential). Joyce Fitzpatrick, contact person
  • 2014: Portland, Maine – August 4-6. Leslie Nicoll, contact person
  • 2015: Las Vegas, Nevada – Carolyn Yucha, contact person
  • 2016: London, England – in honor of the Royal College of Nursing 100th Anniversary – Jean Gray, Gary Bell, contact people

Details for all of these conferences will be posted here on the blog as well as at the INANE website. Stay tuned for more info!

Live Blogging from INANE — Day Two!

Oh what a busy day! My head is spinning from all the excitement but I’ll try to put a few coherent thoughts together before I rush off to breakfast (I was too tired to finish this last night. Sorry!).

The day started with a lovely continental breakfast+. I say plus because in addition to the usual fruit and pastries, there was a chafing dish with delicious steel cut oatmeal. Let me tell you, I am a girl who believes that any day that starts with a bowl of hot cereal is a good day and that bowl of oatmeal set me off on the right foot. Future conference organizers, take note!

After breakfast we had the “speed meet and greet.” I’ll admit, I was skeptical but it turned out to be a great event. Lucy Bradley-Springer gave us a two questions: 1) What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your journal? and 2) What’s your most pressing editorial question right now? and then set us loose on the crowd. We had four minutes per interaction to make an acquaintance and glean a few tidbits of info for each question. I enjoyed everyone I chatted with I have to say, meeting Gavin Leslie who came all the way from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, was really special. Why, you ask? Well, I will admit I have a bit of a crush on Heath Ledger who hailed from Perth. It’s on my life list to visit that city and now knowing someone who lives there, I feel one step closer.

After the meet and greet we moved into the general session on The Brave New World of Social Media. Shawn Kennedy of the American Journal of Nursing gave a very interesting overview. She set the stage for her fellow panelists, Leslie Nicoll and Kim McAllister, who spoke on Facebook and blogging, respectively. Shawn gave a brief overview on Twitter and then the session segued into some very interesting questions. Following this, there were breakout sessions on Facebook, blogging, and Twitter, led by each of the previous speakers. I was dashing from room to room but I did see that my Facebook page was featured in one session…friend me if you want. Just search on my name.

Suddenly it was lunch (delish!) and the (non)business meeting. A variety of topics were covered, including the website, Facebook page, Yahoo group, and this blog but the most important–and at the present moment unfinished piece of business–is where to hold upcoming meetings. Next year (2012) is set: Montreal. After that…options include (and this is very, very tentative…)

  • 2013 – international meeting, Joyce Fitzpatrick, possible locations, Ireland, Italy
  • 2014 – North America meeting
  • 2015 – open (North America likely location)
  • 2016 – London, United Kingdom, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Royal College of Nursing

Possible North American options that were suggested: Las Vegas, NV (Carolyn Yucha); a cruise leaving from Miami (Belinda Puetz); Asheville, NC (Vallire Hooper); and Portland, ME (Leslie Nicoll). Time ran out for any decision on these options but the group decided to revisit the conversation tomorrow at lunch. If anyone reading this blog has an opinion, please leave a comment (or sent a comment privately through the feedback page) and it will be communicated during the “future meeting location” discussion.

After lunch the group convened for the next general session on Impact Factor: Content Evaluation presented by Jeff Dougherty and Damien Rohrbacher from Thomson Reuters. They took a normally dry and challenging topic and made it interesting and fun. Or at least they tried. I really appreciated their focus on eigenvalue factor metrics, which helped me to understand the value of journal citation reports beyond the impact factor.

After a brief break, the group adjourned to the poster sessions. This is a first for INANE. It was the brainstorm of Margaret Comerford Freda (who unfortunately could not be with us due to health issues–we miss you Margaret and send love and healing energy!) and ably operationalized by Mickey Dougherty and Susan Henley. There were 14 posters in all and the topics were wide-ranging and very informative. I’d like to pick a favorite but you know what? They were all great. The organizers plan to make this an annual event and it is certainly worthy of inclusion on the program.

The day wrapped up with a discussion of ethical issues led by Marion Broome, Mickey Doughtery, and Susan Henley. After a brief introduction by Marion, each table was given an ethical scenario to discuss and report back to the group. Issues ranged from apologies for fraudulent data (should this be published?) to what constitutes “publication” after a conference presentation. The discussion was lively and it was a good way to end the day. A dry lecture would have surely sent us all to dreamland!

After a quick break, I took the F Line down to the San Francisco Ferry Terminal. The F Line has antique streetcars from all over the US. I happened to be on a cream and green 1937 Boston car. Then, a quick walk and I, with the rest of the group, boarded the Spirit of San Francisco for an evening cruise and dinner. We sailed by Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, under the Bay Bridge and up close to the ballpark where the Phillies were beating the Giants 3-0. Lots of good food and tasty wine were on the menu. As they like to say, “A great time was had by all.” I think my cap inspired a few editors to be silly with napkins. 🙂

Having fun on the Spirit of San Franciso!

Okay, time for breakfast and more conferencing and networking. Look for another report late tonight or tomorrow! I am thrilled to be keeping everyone up-to-date with what is going on here at INANE!


Note: ‘Cherry Ames’ is a registered trademark of Springer Publishing Company, LLC and used with permission.

Our First Feedback

Thank you to Andrew Harding who was the first person to use the Feedback page to send a comment to the blog. With his permission, I reproduce it here:


I really like the INANE blog, though the INANE name bothers me. Blogs interest me because of their minimal control, broad but familiar scope and almost anyone can write what they want. I am learning to write and edit. I act as a section editor for the Journal of Emergency Nursing and have sought out editor mentors. This is another subsection of nursing that is tightly knit, but very generous with their spirit, time and guidance. My mentors like Jean Proehl (Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal) have impeccable CVs, nursing/writing talent, and a gift for teaching. It is fun to watch the INANE group develop over the emails and now online via this blog. Good luck!


Andrew Harding, MS, RN, CEN, NEA-BC, FAHA

Thanks for the good wishes. I agree about with your comments about blogs: I too appreciate the opportunity for informal and ongoing discussion. Blogs can be very organic and grow in unexpected and natural ways. I am having fun with this one and am looking to more involvement from the larger community. I’ll offer the invitation again to anyone who would like to post: just send me a message and I can add you to the blog as a contributor, or can post for you.

As for the INANE name…I think we all do a double-take when first hearing it, but eventually it grows on you. Besides, I sometimes think that as nurses, we take ourselves way too seriously. It’s fun having a little tongue-in-cheek joke, don’t you think? 😉

Welcome to the INANE Blog!

INANE – The International Academy of Nursing Editors – is moving forward with a new and expanded Internet presence. We have created a website, a Facebook page, and now this blog. This will be a forum for discussion and sharing information in a dynamic and rapidly updated format.

All INANE members are welcome to blog here. If you have experience with blogging, dive right in. If you are new to it, here’s your chance to experiment and learn. To become a blog author, either leave a comment here or send me a message, either through the Yahoo email list or through the Feedback page, and I will add you to the authorized author list. All I need is your name and email address.

Please note that anyone can leave a comment. You don’t need to be one of the blog authors to be a commenter.

Please add this blog to your list of blogs to follow and check in often for new information and updates. Please leave a comment if you have questions!