Our First Feedback

Thank you to Andrew Harding who was the first person to use the Feedback page to send a comment to the blog. With his permission, I reproduce it here:


I really like the INANE blog, though the INANE name bothers me. Blogs interest me because of their minimal control, broad but familiar scope and almost anyone can write what they want. I am learning to write and edit. I act as a section editor for the Journal of Emergency Nursing and have sought out editor mentors. This is another subsection of nursing that is tightly knit, but very generous with their spirit, time and guidance. My mentors like Jean Proehl (Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal) have impeccable CVs, nursing/writing talent, and a gift for teaching. It is fun to watch the INANE group develop over the emails and now online via this blog. Good luck!


Andrew Harding, MS, RN, CEN, NEA-BC, FAHA

Thanks for the good wishes. I agree about with your comments about blogs: I too appreciate the opportunity for informal and ongoing discussion. Blogs can be very organic and grow in unexpected and natural ways. I am having fun with this one and am looking to more involvement from the larger community. I’ll offer the invitation again to anyone who would like to post: just send me a message and I can add you to the blog as a contributor, or can post for you.

As for the INANE name…I think we all do a double-take when first hearing it, but eventually it grows on you. Besides, I sometimes think that as nurses, we take ourselves way too seriously. It’s fun having a little tongue-in-cheek joke, don’t you think? 😉