A message from Suzanne Hall Johnson!

Last week we heard from Suzanne Hall Johnson, who is Editor Emerita and Founding Editor of Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing  in 1981 and Nurse Author & Editor in 1991.  Suzanne was responsible for launching the Nursing Journals Directory hosted by Nurse Author & Editor, which last year became a joint project of INANE and NA&E.  So we were delighted when we received this message and want to share it with everyone!

Charon, Leslie, and Peggy: I love the new nursing journals listing on the INANE web page; INANE is a perfect home for it.  You have a fabulous system to keep it current with wonderful links to author guidelines and editors.  I started the first listing with the launch of  Nurse Author & Editor in 1991. To give that historical perspective for young editors, I wrote it on an MS-DOS based word processor because Windows 1.0 was still fairly new.  Even email was in its infancy, so editors mailed their journal information to me on floppy disc. The whole listing had to be updated manually. What a change in journals, editors, and technology since then. Bravo! Your listing is a great service for nursing editors and authors.

Personal note:  I miss all my editor friends. I still can’t travel much due to a vestibular, inner-ear problem, but I enjoy other things like playing my cello. Still, I love seeing how the editors and journals are developing. Dear Editor Friends, know that I’m cheering from afar.

–Suzanne Hall Johnson, Editor Emerita, Nurse Author & Editor and Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing.

Suzanne Hall Johnson

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